​​Savage Media Group founder and president Scott Savage launched his company in 2006 after 32 years of management and sales experience with major broadcasting companies in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

Savage Media Group's clients have included companies such as:

Wells Fargo Capital Finance  (Trustee for Luna Communications)
Fortress Investment Group  (Receiver for Tama Broadcasting) 
Halyard Capital  (Superior Broadcasting)
Versa Capital Management 
Radio One
> Independence Media 
Bolton Group/Power Country, Inc.
Archway Broadcasting 
Main Line Broadcasting
Dickenson County Broadcasting Corp.
Star Media Group 
Point-To-Point Marketing 
Mobile Media Enterprises 
Mo-Labs Media
Advantix Internet Marketing 

205 Calle Diamante   Sedona, AZ 86336   (214) 282-0844   


Scott Savage

​Savage Media Group, LLC

205 Calle Diamante

Sedona, AZ  86336

(214) 282-0844